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Welcome to FTG Drone's first post!

We will update our fans of our latest escapades, take creative video ideas/suggestions and share interesting stories about Aerial Drones!

I find it interesting and hilarious that when I talk about Drones, I usually get asked this question EVERY... SINGLE... TIME... "So can you spy on your neighbors with it?" ;)

Don't know why, but its true!

So the truth is, YES. Yes you CAN spy on your neighbors. It is ALSO TRUE that your neighbors CAN then call the cops, shoot down your drone, and threaten your life (and not necessarily in that order!).

So like Spider-man... all Drone Pilots should know that "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility!"

I am a licensed FAR 107 Commercial Drone Pilot, I have insurance should an accident occur and there is property damage or someone is harmed, and I have created a legitimate business. So if I were to do something "stupid" like spy on my neighbors i would be jeopardizing my license (which costs money and I had to invest alot of time to pass!). Plus it is just a violation of privacy and begging for trouble! You can DEFINITELY be arrested.

So... that is that as they say! Let's end this on a fun note as I welcome you to check out this compilation of Drones being "taken out".

It's got it all! From an EAGLE taking down a drone, to angry nudist, blown up by shotgun, snagged by a fisherman, to a volcano and more!

Feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions!

Thanks for reading!

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