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Missing Boy & Dog found by Drone with Thermal Camera!

Just wanted to share a great story on the promise of using the right technology to solve the right problem.

You can read the whole story for yourself here.

Basically, a 6-year old boy went missing with his dog in the cornfields of Minnesota. It is in October 2019, it was cold (low 40's F according to the article) and over 600 people from the town were searching for the missing boy. The search even included a police helicopter and police drone with thermal equipment but apparently it was a Drone operator, and his trusty drone (equipped with a thermal camera) who saved the day and found the boy.

Could you find a child in this field?

Personally, as great as the story was, I would have liked to hear the answer to these related questions:

  • How long did it ACTUALLY take them to find the boy once the drones were launched? The story states that the boy was found around 1:50am... but how long were people searching before this?

  • Secondly, the story mentions that police helicopter and drone were launched. Wouldn't the Drone Hero have been violating FAR rules if flying their drone during rescue operations? Did they collaborate? (guessing they did).

  • Lastly, did the Drone hero have a FAR 107 certification, have waiver to fly at night (needed to comply with FAR 107 rules), and if he didn't could he get in trouble with FAA even though he saved a life?

Just things that make me go "Hhhmmm?"

What do you think? Thank you for reading and please leave your comments below.

If you want to check out video of what Thermal Video from a drone looks like, you can watch a sample here.

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